I have been working out with a trainer for about 6 weeks. I am getting impatient with myself. I am showing up and working hard. I want results, but I want them yesterday. I am so glad that I have my trainers at My Fitness Solutions to keep me motivated. When I went in on Friday I was feeling kicked around because my husband has just started and he has lost 14 pounds in 10 days. I have gained a pound. But my weight is still under what I could get it to working out all by myself at the gym and running hundreds of miles at the park. My trainer, Tracy, told me we have to move the bar a bit. I am going to have to work even harder.

 My friend, Dom, who works out at the same time, told me to realize that now I was building lean muscle mass and building muscle mass is what I am going after. I got home and was reading in my fitness magazine that building muscle mass takes time. It seems that real differences can be seen in women in about 3 months. Men can see a difference more quickly because of all that testosterone. Well, I don’t want to grow a beard so I will keep working out.

I went in and worked out hard. There is a new assistant at the gym. He stayed with me and threw the ball to me while I did inverted crunches.  He spotted me while I did my Arnold’s. He was there to help me with my curls. He kept telling me, “You got it. One more.” He and I laughed and somehow made the torture quite fun! I felt really energized after I had pushed my muscles until failure. I realized that going through this makes me stronger. I am going for strong.

I have a friend that has just lost well over 100 pounds using diet alone. After she lost all this weight she had to invest thousands to have surgery to have her skin tightened. That is painful, invasive, scarring and expensive. I am doing this one work out at a time and looking forward to the results. I want to go into my fifties stronger than I have ever been. Every day I get closer!  I have to remember that it takes time.