For the past 8 weeks I have been working out at My Fitness Solutions in Duluth. I have seen weight loss, and I am beginning to see some definition in my body.  I am finally realizing the fitness goals that I have not been able to achieve by myself!

I can tell a difference in my posture and energy level.  I am meeting 3 times a week with my trainer, Tracy Carswell. My next adventure into the world of fitness begins this week. Nutrition. According to Fadi, the director of My Fitness Solutions, “Nutrition is 80% of the program.” But what am I supposed to eat?

In the past, I have tried eating cabbage soup, Cambridge shakes, Slim Fast Shakes, Adkins, all fruit, no carbs, all veges, low carbs, leave off the salt, drink water and all things in between. At the end of a few weeks I am weak, shaky, craving something and then gain more weight back than when I started.

I am interested in building lean muscle mass. I don’t need to lose large amounts of weight, but I want to give my body the healthy fuel that it needs to meet the demands of what I do in my daily life and when I work out. I want to eat the foods that will encourage my body to get stronger even as I get older. So far, Fadi and Tracy have been making suggestions and guiding me to make better nutritional choices. I have followed their suggestions and incorporated them into my eating.  Now I am about to take the plunge and begin the full nutritional program.

The program that is offered is based on science. That is it. No gimmicks. No special foods that I have to buy that I can’t find at my regular store. Fadi has an on-line nutritional plan that is customized to each individual. You fill in your own information and goals. The information is calculated, and you are then given a daily diet plan specifically for you. I will start mine on Thursday. I am planning to watch what happens over the month of September. I am expecting to see continued success. (Stay posted and let’s see what I have to eat. I have looked at a sample and the sample has me actually eating more than I eat now.)

This service is available if you go to the gym or not. It can be done in the convenience of your home without interference or embarrassment. There are no gimmicks. It is totally amazing that I have access to trainers that work with  athletes and others that make their living having a “body.” (Did I mention that both of these guys have body fat of less than 9% and have maintained this for years? It is enough to make me not like them, but they are eager to show me how I can do it too! So that makes me love them more.)

 I am a regular gal, an older gal,  a teacher that is able to get excellent, customized nutritional and fitness information. I have already learned so many nutritional tricks. I am now reading and researching nutrition and fitness in my free time. It is edifying to read and see that the information that I am being taught is correct and results oriented for permanent  weight and body management. Under their instruction it looks like life gets better as I get older! That is the goal. Stronger, better, leaner, wiser and older! Let’s hear it for the old girls!