I am changing, and it feels really good! I have been working out extremely hard since this summer. For the first time in my life I am lifting weights.  I have now added the next element, the My Fitness Solutions nutrition plan. I have been on it for 2 days. There is so much food! I am having trouble getting all the meals in during the day. It is a much larger amount of food than I eat normally. I do not understand the science behind it, but I’m eating more, and I am losing weight! Mother Nature is preaching to me every minute that I can’t lose weight because I am too old, but the nutrition plan is working! I am eating real, nutritional food. There is nothing prepackaged or in a box.

The nutrition plan is loaded with exactly what to eat. I couldn’t believe it when I viewed the plan. If I hadn’t even been going to the gym, there is a complete nutrition plan that is customized for you with the exercises that you need to do each day. You could do the whole thing at your house and your grocery store! I had no idea that the plan was so complete. You go on-line, type in your goals and some things about yourself and in a few minutes you are sent your customized plan.  I waited to do it because I was sure that it wouldn’t work for me. I am pleasantly surprised! Yippee! After 40, those scales just don’t want to cooperate with me, no matter what I do. I really thought I was hopeless.

I have been doing a plethora of reading trying to educate myself on health, fitness and aging. We don’t have to be old, sick and overweight. We can live strong and vital lives, but we have to take charge! Working out with Tracy and Fadi has been so important to me in this quest. It is not a diet plan. It is not a quick, gimmick, weight loss plan. It is intelligent education on  how to choose activities and food for a healthy, long life. My shopping cart looks so much different. I am thinking differently about how I spend my money, time, and how I eat. There is so much support available from the trainers and other members. I can’t figure out how it seems that great people have all taken to this place. I keep meeting the most awesome people who are embracing the opportunity to change their lives at My Fitness Solutions.

People who use My Fitness Solutions are different. They are there to become educated. They are there to change their lives. It is really an amazing place! I actually feel blessed to be able to train there. It is life changing!

Have a great week! If you want to finally change your life and get rid of those pounds here is the real way to do it. Just click and begin to lose. You could be half the person you are by Christmas or sooner!  I have got my eye on a couple of new outfits! I am working toward them! No need to buy a size that is too big! Fadi told me I could get Skinny Jeans if I met my goal. Get ready to ante up, Fadi!