Results Work! I have been on the My Fitness Solution nutrition plan for a month. I have lost 6 pounds since September 1. That is 6 pounds in 25 days. Yesterday I got Tracy Carswell, my trainer to measure me, and I am really pleased with the inches that have disappeared too! I have lost 2 1/2 inches in my waist. This loss has been since I started strength training in July.This is loss on a woman whose metabolism is slowing down. This is on a woman who hated waking up and getting out of bed in the mornings to a person who jumps out of bed and starts doing push ups. I have  changed.  I have learned so much about managing my body with nutrition and exercise since I started. What I have learned is practical, real information that will empower me to make better, more informed, executive decisions about fueling and exercising my body for life.

I have been an avid fitness person for my entire life, but I was unable to connect the dots to achieve the level of fitness that I wanted without a trainer. I needed a trainer and guidance to lead me to make better more effective choices. I was one of those people who was swayed by all of the diet- how- tos that bombard us daily in the media. I have been coached, pushed and encouraged by Fadi and Tracy at My Fitness Solution. Tracy has really taken an interest in seeing me succeed. He has been ready and forth coming with guidance on nutrition. He has been the missing link in my fitness program. He has given me what I could not have gotten out of magazines alone.

There are lots of programs and encouragement that are offered at MFS. Fadi Malouf  has designed a program where you can achieve your fitness goals with support.  There are 1 on 1 training appointments, boot camp, nutrition classes, accountability coaches, internet based and customized nutrition plans, and even grocery shopping excursions. There are social opportunities and genuine concern for your health. There are instructions and coaching in managing your life and gaining traction to achieve what you have always known that you had the potential to do. It is really a complete facility to nurture you in your attainment of success.

I am stronger every day. I am seeing results! You can’t argue with success!