On Saturday, I attended the new MFS Legion class. This meets on Saturday mornings at 11:00am. Everyone is invited.  The first hour is a boot camp where the participants are pushed in a variety of exercises to improve their fitness. The people who meet come in a smorgasboard of fitness conditioning. There are some that are extremely fit, champion-like and others who are just beginning the journey. The class presents opportunities for the members to exercise and socialize with others who are seriously interested in pursuing fitness.

     After the 40 minutes of exercise and a voluntary challenge, there is a new segment, MFS Legion. This is a time where all of the participants come together and discuss nutrition and exercise. The discussion is led by former competitive bodybuilder, Fadi Malouf, who has been a leader in the industry for 15 years. This week he led us in a discussion on B.A.L.A.N.C.E.  This acronym is the foundation for MFS Academy.

     B is for breathe. It is important for those who are investing in their health to remember to breathe deeply.

    A is for aqua. It is imperative that those who are pursuing fitness goals remember to hydrate.

     L is for lengthening. Stretching is an essential part of resistance training.

    A is for anaerobic. Strength training must be a core part of improving your body.

     N is for nutrition. Nutrition is 80% of the program. You cannot get the results that you are going for without the proper nutrition. This means following the program and learning new information to fuel your bodies.

    C is for cleansing. Cleansing is a part of fitness too. Cleansing is necessary both physically and mentally. This means cleansing your mind of those things that are negative and get in your way of being successful.

    E is for energy. You must be mindful that you have taken necessary steps to have the energy you need to accomplish all the goals that you have set for yourself.  In order to do this you must get plenty of rest and surround yourself with those whom are like-minded and support  you. Tell others what your goals are so they can become part of your support network.

This class is a touchstone for the program. It allows new members to meet others who are embarking on the same journey. You are encouraged and uplifted. In addition, you are given lots of information on nutrition and exercise. This makes you more independently empowered over your own health and well-being. Being in charge of your health and getting the most out of your life is the focus of MFS. MFS strives to be the place that allows you to Dream your dreams, Play your way to accomplishing them and Be-ing the person who lives your daily potential.

     Every one left refocused on their goals and ready to conquer a great week in fitness. Now let’s go get it! Dream it! Play it! Be it!